Borrow Money Online

If you are looking to borrow money, The One Stop Money Shop provides options to borrow £300 to £1,000 which can be transferred to your account on the same day of applying.

Our online loan application takes just a few minutes to do and once complete you will receive an instant decision on the screen letting you know if you have been successful or not. Subject to some quick checks and the signing of an online loan agreement, we can send money to your bank account within 1 hour.

To get started, simply click on our apply now button below and you will be taken to our application form where you can apply.


Why borrow money online with The One Stop Money Shop?

Fast: Applicants that are successfully approved can receive funds within 1 hour. We have access to a faster payment system which allows us to send money to our customers bank account as soon as possible.

Pay for emergency expenses: If you are looking to borrow money for emergencies, The One Stop Money Shop provides loans that are paid to customers in one lump sum. This means that you will receive the entire loan amount in full, allowing you to pay off any pressing bills, household expenses or emergencies that are keeping you at bay.

Flexible: Our loans repaid in monthly instalments over 6,9 or 12 months, allowing you to spread your repayments over time and give you some breathing space. We understand that if you have an urgent bill that needs to be paid, you do not want to worry about paying off your loan and interest within a few weeks. This is why we offer a longer term instalment loan option to help you manage your finances more effectively.

You also have the option to repay early if you wish to. So whilst your loan term might be 6,9 or 12 months, if you find that you are in a financial position to repay earlier you can certainly do so and you will save money because less interest has accrued overall.

Bad credit considered: When looking to borrow money for bad credit, we are willing to take a view on average and bad credit histories, taking into consideration that not everyone can have a perfect credit score. To determine your eligibility for a loan, we require you to be in employment and earning a regular income – so that you can afford monthly repayments without falling into arrears.

Instant decision: You will receive an instant decision on screen upon completing your loan application. Therefore, you do not need to wait around for a decision and can get moving as soon as possible.

No guarantor: Our loans are unsecured and there is no guarantor required, so you do not need to find an extra person to co-sign your loan agreement or get involved.


What is the cost for borrowing money online?

The cost of borrowing through The One Stop Money Shop is less than 0.8% per day, which is the price cap introduced by the FCA. Your loan is repaid in equal monthly instalments and you always have the option to repay early. You will never repay double the amount that you have borrowed.

Representative Example:
£500 loan repayable over 12 months £81.25 per month total amount payable £975.00
Representative 295.60% APR fixed

Loan amount £500 over 12 Months:

Interest Repayment
Month 1£81.25
Month 2£81.25
Month 3£81.25
Month 4£81.25
Month 5£81.25
Month 6£81.25
Month 7£81.25
Month 8£81.25
Month 9£81.25
Month 10£81.25
Month 11£81.25
Month 12£81.25
Total Interest£475.00
Total Repay£975.00

What is the criteria for applying?

To be eligible, customers must be:

  • Over 25 years of age
  • Full-time UK resident
  • Employed full-time or part-time
  • Able to make monthly repayments
  • Valid UK bank account
  • Valid UK mobile number and email address

We will always carry out a series of checks prior to approval. This includes a credit check to ensure that you do not have any outstanding debts that would put you into a worse financial position. In addition we carry out affordability checks by reviewing your monthly income against your monthly expenses and use this to determine how much you wish to borrow and can afford to repay.


Can I borrow money fast?

Yes, fast funding is available from The One Stop Money Shop provided that the application is made during office hours. If you apply on weekends or bank holidays we will process your loan on the next working day.

To speed up your application, you should get all the information we require including your monthly income, expenses and bank details. We recommend that you stay close to your emails, computer or phone after completing your application so that you can confirm your loan agreement and answer any follow up questions if need be. See our quick loans option for more information.