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We know that unexpected expenses can pop up anytime, and access to fast and dependable financial solutions can be crucial. The One Stop Money Shop is here to assist you with our small loans. Our little loans provide you with the funds you need to address your immediate needs, all while ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Whether it’s a sudden medical emergency, a car repair that can’t wait, or an overdue bill causing stress, our small loans are here to bridge the gap between your current financial situation and your future stability. We understand that these unexpected expenses can disrupt your plans and cause worry, so we strive to make the loan process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

With The One Stop Money Shop, you can expect the following:

  • Quick access to funds

    We work diligently to promptly provide you with the financial assistance you need, helping you tackle your financial challenges head-on. If you’re approved in full before 3.30pm, we can transfer funds in one lump sum to your bank account the same day.

  • Reliable support

    Our team offers reliable assistance throughout the loan process. We’re here to answer your questions and provide guidance, ensuring you have a positive experience from start to finish.

  • Convenience at your fingertips

    Our user-friendly platform allows you to apply for a small loan easily, right from the comfort of your home—no need to worry about lengthy paperwork or time-consuming processes.

When unexpected expenses arise, don’t let them overwhelm you. Trust The One Stop Money Shop to provide the fast and reliable financial help you need. Apply for a small loan today and take control of your finances, one step at a time.

Understanding Small Loans

Small loans, sometimes called short-term or payday loans, help people borrow a little bit of money for a short time. You don’t need to give something valuable to get this loan. Instead, the loan is given based on your job, how much money you make, and whether you can repay it.


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Apply for small loans of £400 & £500

Applying for a small loan has never been easier! Our user-friendly website lets you choose the amount you’d like to borrow and the loan duration. This puts you in control of your finances, allowing you to make decisions that suit your situation.

The One Stop Money Shop offers loans starting from £400, with a maximum limit of £2,500. The amount you can borrow will depend on your income and affordability, ensuring that it aligns with your financial capacity.

You need to meet a few requirements to be eligible for our small loans:

  • You must be over 25 years old.

  • You should be a full-time resident of the UK.

  • You need to be employed and earn a regular monthly income.

These criteria are in place to ensure that you can comfortably afford to make your loan repayments without placing excessive strain on your finances.

We understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different, so we offer a range of loan amounts and durations. This flexibility allows you to find a solution that works best for you.

Ready to take the next step towards financial empowerment? Apply for a small loan today and regain control over your finances. Our team is here to guide you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth experience. Let us help you achieve your financial goals and overcome any temporary hurdles.

What can you use a small loan for?

You can use a tiny loan for various purposes, depending on your needs and priorities. Here are some examples of things you could pay off or buy with a small loan:

  • Unexpected expenses

    Covering emergency medical bills, car repairs, school trips or home repairs that require immediate attention.

  • Utility bills

    Paying off outstanding electricity, water, or gas bills to avoid disconnections or late fees.

  • Debt consolidation

    Combining multiple debts into one loan payment simplifies your finances and potentially reduces overall interest costs.

  • Education expenses

    Pay for textbooks, course fees, or educational supplies to support your learning journey.

  • Travel expenses

    Financing a holiday or covering travel costs for family visits, special occasions, or important events.

  • Purchasing furniture or appliances

    Buying essential household items, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, or furniture for your living space.

  • Vehicle purchase

    Putting a down payment on a used car or financing a reliable mode of transportation.

  • Personal goals

    Investing in personal development courses, starting a small business, or pursuing a passion project.

Remember, it’s important to borrow responsibly and consider your ability to repay the loan within the agreed-upon terms. Before taking out a small loan today, evaluate your needs and priorities to determine if it’s the right financial decision for you.

How do repayments work?

With our loans, you have the convenience of repaying in equal monthly instalments over 6 – 24 months. We believe in transparency, which is why all the loan terms are clearly laid out in a formal loan agreement. This means you’ll know exactly how much you need to repay each month, making budgeting easier for you. Just make sure you have sufficient funds in your account for collection.

The best part is that you can choose the repayment date each month that suits your requirements. Many of our customers find it convenient to select the last working day of the month. This aligns with their salary payment, ensuring they have money available in their account. It’s a great way to manage your finances without any hassle.

Alternatively, some customers prefer to choose the day just after their payday. This gives them a bit of time for their income to clear and take care of any other outstanding debts. If you receive your salary on a specific date of the month, like the 25th or on a four-weekly cycle, you can also customise the repayment day based on your needs.

We understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are unique. That’s why we offer flexibility when it comes to repayment dates. We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to repay your loan without any stress.

Ready to take control of your finances? Apply now and choose the repayment option that works best for you. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Let us help you achieve your financial goals with ease.

Can I get small loans with no credit check?

Are you in search of small loans without credit checks? We understand that having a bad credit rating can be worrying, and you may be concerned about being declined based on your credit history. As a regulated firm approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we must conduct a credit check on your account before approving your loan.

Don’t worry, though! The purpose of this credit check is to ensure that you can comfortably afford to repay your loan without facing financial difficulties. We want to ensure our lending practices align with your economic well-being.

The best part is that running a credit check does not come with fees. It’s a standard procedure carried out instantly during the application process. You can determine if you’re eligible for a loan immediately, and with our online small loans, successful applicants get small loans instantly.

At our company, we believe in providing transparent and responsible lending services. We aim to assist you in finding a loan option that suits your needs, even if you have a less-than-perfect credit history. We aim to help you overcome financial challenges while ensuring financial stability.

Apply today to take the first step toward securing the small loan you need. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process and answer any questions. Let us support you in achieving your financial goals.

Are small loans available for bad credit customers?

Are you worried about your credit score and need a small loan? Look no further! At The One Stop Money Shop, we understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected financial challenges your way. That’s why we’re here to help, even if you have yet to pay or have a less-than-perfect credit rating.

We believe in giving everyone a fair chance, regardless of their credit history. Maintaining a flawless credit score can be tough, and we’re willing to consider different credit backgrounds. So, even if your credit history could be better, we can still assist you as a direct lender specialising in little loans no credit check offers.

To ensure that we can help you, it’s vital that you have the means to repay your loan on time and can show us your monthly income. By demonstrating your ability to manage your payments, you can access the financial assistance you need, regardless of your credit situation.

At The One Stop Money Shop, we’re committed to making the loan process as easy and accessible as possible. Our friendly team is here to guide you through the application process, answering any questions you may have. We want to empower you to overcome financial hurdles and achieve your goals.

Don’t let a poor credit history hold you back any longer. Reach out to The One Stop Money Shop today and take the first step towards securing the small loan you need. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

How The One Stop Money Shop is different

With over two decades of experience, we’ve built our reputation on excellent customer service, responsible lending practices, and treating our customers fairly and respectfully.

Managing your finances can be challenging, so we offer flexible repayment plans over several months. This allows you to handle your cash flow and income effectively. By providing you with a longer time frame to repay your small loan, we help you avoid falling into the payday trap and getting stuck in a cycle of debt.

Applying for a little loan online with us is quick and easy, taking less than 5 minutes of your time. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll receive an instant decision on screen, letting you know if you’ve succeeded. We strive to process loans for our customers as quickly as possible, often transferring funds to your account within just 1 hour.

At The One Stop Money Shop, we prioritise your financial well-being. Our friendly team is here to support you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure that obtaining your financial assistance is a stress-free experience.

Don’t let unexpected expenses or temporary cash shortages hold you back. Trust The One Stop Money Shop to provide a reliable and transparent lending solution. Join our community of satisfied customers and take control of your finances today.

The Application Process Made Simple

Getting a little loan should be easy and stress-free. That’s why we made our application process fast and simple. Our easy-to-use online website lets you apply for a small loan from your home whenever it works best for you.

Here’s an easy guide to our application process:

  • Online Application

    Go to our website and find the small loans area. You’ll see a simple form asking for basic personal and money details there.

  • Documents

    We need some papers like ID, proof of how much money you make, and bank records. You can upload these safely on our website.

  • Loan Check

    After we get your form and papers, our team will look at them quickly. We give you an answer fast, usually in just a few hours if you’ve applied before 3pm. 

  • Loan Approval and Money

    You’ll get a paper with all the rules if we say yes to your loan. Read it carefully, and if you agree, sign it online. Then, the money will go right into your bank account, usually in one day.

The Benefits of Small Loans

Small loans can be beneficial when used correctly. Here are some great things they offer:

  • Fast and Easy

    When you need money right away, small loans can help. They let you get cash fast, and our simple application process makes it stress-free.

  • Flexible

    Small loans differ from traditional loans because you can repay them sooner. You can pay them back in a few weeks or months, which means you pay less interest.

  • No Collateral Needed

    You don’t need to give something valuable, like your car or house, to get a small loan. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your things.

  • Open to Many People

    We want to help lots of people get small loans, even if their credit scores could be better. We look at your credit, but there are other things we think about when deciding if you can get a loan.

How to Borrow and Pay Back Responsibly

Small loans can help when you need money fast, but using them correctly is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Know What You Need

    Consider how much money you need and remember the loan will have fees and interest.

  • Read the Rules

    Make sure you understand the loan agreement. If you have questions, ask our customer support team.

  • Make a Plan to Pay Back

    Figure out how to pay back the loan with your budget and ensure you have enough money for other things.

  • Don’t Get Too Many Loans

    Getting more than a small loan might be tempting, but avoiding getting stuck in debt is essential. Only borrow what you need and can pay back on time.

Being responsible with loans can help you stay in good financial shape and make it easier to get loans in the future.

Improving Your Credit Score with a Small Loan

Did you know that taking out and responsibly paying off a small loan can help improve your credit score over time? When you make your loan payments on time, it shows lenders that you are a responsible borrower. This positive payment history can boost your creditworthiness and make it easier for you to qualify for better loans or credit products in the future.

Building good credit takes time and responsible borrowing behaviour. To make sure your small loan has a positive impact on your credit score, follow these tips:

  • Make payments on time

    Paying your loan instalments promptly shows that you are reliable and can manage credit responsibly. This helps build a positive payment history, which is vital for your credit score.

  • Borrow only what you need

    It’s essential to borrow an amount you can comfortably repay. Taking on excessive debt can increase your credit usage ratio and potentially harm your credit score.

  • Maintain a balanced credit mix

    Various credit types, such as loans and credit cards, can contribute positively to your credit score. However, taking on only a little debt across different accounts is essential.

Remember, improving your credit score is a gradual process. Be patient and consistent in your borrowing habits. If you have questions or need personalised advice, contact a financial professional or credit counsellor who can provide guidance tailored to your situation.

By being responsible with your small loan and practising good credit habits, you can work towards building a stronger credit score and open doors to better financial opportunities in the future.

Reasons why small loans are better than traditional loans

There are many reasons why tiny loans are better than traditional loans:

  • Repayment flexibility

    Small loans typically offer more flexible repayment options than traditional or payday loans. You can choose a repayment term that suits your financial situation, making it easier to manage your payments.

  • Lower interest rates

    Small loans generally have lower interest rates than payday loans. This means you’ll pay less in interest over the life of the loan, potentially saving you money.

  • Longer repayment periods

    Unlike payday loans that often require repayment in a lump sum on your next payday, small loans offer longer repayment periods. This allows you to spread out your payments over several months, making it more manageable for your budget.

  • Availability to borrowers with average or poor credit

    Small loans are often available to borrowers with average or poor credit scores. Traditional loans may have stricter credit requirements, making it easier for those with less-than-perfect credit to qualify.

  • Building credit history

    By taking out and responsibly repaying a small loan, you can build or improve your credit history. Making consistent, on-time payments can positively impact your credit score over time.

  • Higher loan amounts

    Compared to payday loans that typically provide small amounts, small loans may offer higher loan limits. This can be beneficial if you need more substantial financial assistance to cover your expenses.

  • Regulated by financial authorities

    Small loans are often controlled by financial authorities, ensuring that lenders adhere to responsible lending practices. This provides an added layer of consumer protection.

  • More manageable application process

    Applying for a small loan online is often more straightforward and more streamlined than traditional loans. Many lenders offer online applications with quick approval times, making the process convenient and efficient.

  • Transparent terms and conditions

    Small loans generally provide clear and transparent terms and conditions. You’ll comprehensively understand the loan terms, including interest rates, repayment schedules, and any applicable fees.

  • Access to reputable lenders

    Small loans are offered by reputable lenders who prioritise customer satisfaction and responsible lending practices. Knowing that you’re working with a trustworthy financial institution gives you peace of mind

The Online Money Shop is here to help you with tiny loans

Life is full of unexpected expenses, but don’t worry; we’re here to help. Our small loans provide you with the financial assistance you need quickly and conveniently. We understand that when unexpected expenses arise, time is of the essence, and that’s why we strive to make the borrowing process seamless and stress-free.

With our user-friendly online application process, you can apply for a small loan from the comfort of your own home—no more lengthy paperwork or waiting in line at the bank. We value your time and aim to provide fast approval times, so you can get the funds you need when you need them.

We also believe in giving you flexibility when repaying your loan. We offer flexible repayment options that fit your financial situation. This way, you can manage your finances effectively and make informed decisions about your loan.

Responsible lending is our priority. We want to ensure you can access the funds you need while helping you build a brighter financial future. Our team is here to answer any questions and guide you through the process.
We are a direct lender, which means you speak directly with people that make decisions. We are not a broker operating with middlemen, which means we offer fast and reliable support. The way we operate makes us the ideal choice for small loans, and when you want financial backing that is simple, quick and easy to manage.

Don’t let unexpected expenses hold you back. Contact The Online Money Shop today to learn more about our small loans and how they can help you bridge the gap between your current financial situation and a brighter future. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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