Quick Loans

The One Stop Money Shop offers quick loans in the UK, so if you are looking to borrow up to £1,000 and are approved you should receive funds within 1 hour.

  • No guarantor
  • Direct lender
  • Instant decision
  • Bad credit considered
  • No fees for applying

Founded in 2002, we have become one of the most established lenders in the UK and have helped thousands of customers to date. Our speed, technology and customer service mean that we have all the ingredients in place to be able to process your quick loan application as soon as possible.

To get started, simply click on ‘apply now’ and you will be taken to our online application page which takes just a few minutes to complete. Further to some automated checks, we aim to transfer your funds to your bank account within 1 hour.


What are quick loans used for?

When you are looking for quick loans, you typically want them within 1 hour or on the same day of applying. Our quick loans are commonly used for emergency purposes and when customers need just a little extra cash to see them through the month. This is usually for things such as car repairs, plumbing problems, broken boilers and falling behind on things like rent and credit card bills.

Borrowing money from The One Stop Money Shop means that you are able to receive your entire loan amount upfront in one lump sum, allowing you to pay off your emergency expenses immediately. You then have the flexibility to repay your loan over equal monthly instalments and spread them over 6,9 or 12 months.

By applying online, it allows your quick loan to be actioned as soon as possible. The application form only takes around 5 minutes to be filled in and all the checks are processed automatically, although we may require some additional information or proof of income. Everything can be handled on the same day or within a few hours.


Do you offer quick loans for bad credit?

Yes, The One Stop Money Shop is able to offer bad credit quick loans. We understand that not everyone can have a perfect credit rating and therefore we are willing to take a view on credit histories that might have missed the odd payment or have a previous default.

We appreciate that there are circumstances that can arise that affect your chances of being approved for a loan and having a personal or family emergency can mean falling behind on payments, even when you do not mean to.

The important things are your desire to make your loan repayments on time and showing proof of your income and employment to ensure that you can afford repayments.

Are you a quick loans direct lender?

Yes, The One Stop Money Shop is a direct lender. As a quick loans direct lender, it means that your application is processed directly by us on our website, and we fund your loan directly if successful.

Being a direct lender for bad credit gives the customer a lot more transparency in terms of who they are dealing with.

There are no upfront fees for applying and your information will not be passed onto third party companies without your permission. The only fees that you will be charged are the interest repayments on your loan and these will be fully outlined to you in a loan agreement prior to be funded.

How do repayments work with The One Stop Money Shop?

Our quick loan repayments are very flexible and the customer can choose to repay over 6,9 or 12 months depending on how much time and breathing space  they require.

You select the repayment date of your choice each month, which most people select as their pay date from work, which is usuallythe last working day of the month. Some others get paid on a four-weekly cycle or a specific date like the 25th of the month. You can also choose to select your repayment date for just the day after to make sure that you have money in your account available for collection.

With equal monthly instalments, you know exactly how much you need to be repaying each month without falling into arrears. Payment will be taken from your bank account through our automated process so there is no need to call us up or make a manual payment because this is smoothly taken care of on our side.

If you have the means to repay your loan early you can do so at any point.

How to apply with The One Stop Money Shop online

To apply for a quick loan with The One Stop Money Shop, simply click on the ‘apply now’ button and complete our online application. Once you have entered your details, you will receive an instant decision on the screen letting you know if you have been provisionally accepted or not.

Further to signing a loan agreement online and subject to some further checks, we will aim to complete your loan within 1 hour or less.