How To Get The Best Rate For Short Term Loans

Are you looking to apply for a loan on a short-term basis and trying to get the very best deal available? You could be looking at the various funding options out there on the short-term finance market, however, with so many options to choose from, this can be no easy feat. For example, how do […]

What is a Soft Credit Search?

If you are considering applying for a loan or credit card, then it is worth taking the time to make sure you fully understand the different search footprints that may be carried out by a potential lender: hard and soft credit searches. If a soft credit search is carried out by a lender, then it […]

What is a Payslip?

A payslip refers to a note that is given to a worker when they have been paid by their employees. On this payslip is information regarding the following: the amount that will be paid to the staff member, as well as any tax and insurance deductions that have been taken, if there is any to […]

What Loans Are Available For Bad Credit Histories?

You may be thinking about getting a loan to help with an unexpected financial emergency, such as an unusually high utility bill, or your car suddenly breaking down, but may be put off from doing so, due to having a bad credit history. It is commonly understood that a bad credit history can affect your […]

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a process that loan companies or finance providers use in order to make a final decision as to whether to approve or decline an applicant for a loan Underwriting may be carried out by an individual or a team (also known as ‘underwriters’) and the decision to approve or decline a loan application […]

How To Get The Best Short Term Loans

Are you in a situation currently where you require access to cash for a short-period of time? Then you may be looking at applying for a short term loan online, in order to help you out with a financial emergency, such as an unexpectedly high bill, or perhaps your car suddenly breaking down. Whatever the […]

What Are The Alternatives to Payday Loans?

Getting a payday loan is not the right choice for everyone, if you are looking to gain access to cash quickly under a specific set of circumstances, such as in a financial emergency. This is because if payday loans are not used correctly, they could lead the borrower to get into further financial difficulties, in […]

How To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Loan

Loans are very useful to help pay for emergency purposes and to tide us over until we get paid from work. Whether it is a broken boiler, home improvement, paying rent or the bills mounting on the kitchen table, being able to borrow just a few hundred pounds can make a huge difference to keep […]

What to Consider Before You Apply

At The One Stop Money Shop, we encourage applicants to take their time when applying and make sure that they understand everything key about the loans we offer. For any further questions, you can contact us directly or visit our FAQs page. Here are some of the key things to consider before you apply: How […]

How Do Credit Checks Work?

The approval of our loans will typically be subject to a credit check and this will help determine your eligibility. Every individual in the UK receives a credit score and will have a credit file when they turn 18. When carrying out a credit check, the lender is able to review your file and get […]